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Communications Plans
You know you need to get the word out about your organization,
but arenít sure how. Who are your audiences? What are the
messages? How do you best convey your information? What is the
most effective strategy? What tactics should be employed? What
can you do within your budget? A well-designed Communications
Plan can address these and other issues.

News Releases
When your organization is ready to announce a new product or
service, or management and board changes, you naturally think of
issuing a news release. But how do you write one, or get it issued?
How do you get the attention of the news media? What about a
media kit or perhaps a media tour? A Publicity Plan can meet
these needs.

Provide your customers and clients an attention-getting take-away
piece that spells out your organizationís goals, products and

Annual reports
A well-designed annual report can not only provide a summary of
your yearís activities but also be a powerful marketing tool.

Want to get your message out in an eye-catching, compelling way?
An advertisement in a target media may be the answer.

White Papers
An an-depth presentation of an issue or subject important to your
organization may call for preparation of a detailed White Paper.

Smith Group can develop a tailored plan to meet your communication needs.
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