Smith Group
Consulting, LLC
Planning and Strategy
Smith Group works with a client first to learn about the
organization and its communications needs. We find out about
the organizationís goals, its audiences (who it wants to
influence) and what it wants to convey. The agency then
analyzes the data and develops a strategy to communicate the
right messages directly to the targeted audience.

Message Development
What does the client want to convey? Smith Group determines
who should receive the message and how it should be
conveyed. Then, the agency takes the basic information and
packages it in a form that is understandable and persuasive.

Employee Communications
Smith Group organizes and defines the messages you want to
send to your employees (and perhaps other groups as well), then
conveys them in a clear and meaningful way.

Advertising and Marketing
Need help with advertising or marketing? Smith Group can help
you convey persuasive messages to your target audiences,
maximizing your chances for success and making the best use of
your investment.

Media Relations
A well-positioned, favorable story about your organization and
its leadership can go a long way toward positioning your
products or services in the marketplace. Smith Group has
extensive knowledge of news media across the state of Indiana.

Media Training
An interview has been arranged for the leadership of your
organization. Thatís great. But now what? Are your executives
ready to convey key messages about your organization at every
opportunity? How can tough questions be turned around to
your benefit? What about body language? How can you best be
prepared to make the most of this opportunity?

Crisis Communications Planning
A product recall, injury, fire or other catastrophe can put your
organization in a difficult position. When minutes count, youíll
be glad you have a tailored crisis communications plan in place.
Donít wait until you need it - start the planning process now.

Writing and Editing
Smith Group offers a variety of writing and editing services.
Need a manual prepared, or perhaps some technical materials?
Or maybe something more creative? We can do anything from
ghostwriting articles to editing your materials in Associated
Press style ó and everything in-between.

Event Planning
A special event Ė properly planned and executed Ė can go a
long way toward helping achieve your organizationís goals and
building long-lasting relationships.

We can help coordinate your communications initiatives with
your sales force, marketing team, new business development
department or others, as needed.

Smith Group Communications, LLC
A Certified Women-owned Business Enterprise

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