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Water utilities of all sizes are susceptible to a variety of threats
to their physical plant, both external and internal. Smith Group
can help address these risks by conducting an in-depth,
professional Vulnerability Assessment.

Such assessments are highly recommended for water systems of
all sizes and are required by federal regulation for community
water systems serving a population of more than 3,300 people.

Vulnerability Assessments should be reviewed periodically to
be certain that changing conditions in the system and/or its
environment are effectively addressed.

Evaluating the Threats
Threats to a water system can take many forms, from terrorism
or vandalism to dangers posed by current or former employees
of the system.

A Vulnerability Assessment considers the entire water system
including the source, treatment and distribution.

Identifying Remedies
A thorough Vulnerability Assessment will include a plan for
actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate those threats.
Such a plan will include methods to heighten security and
improve operational procedures and policies, as well as the
costs involved.